Miscellaneous Information

School Fees

School fees are charged to each student.  Cash or cheques are acceptable.  The fees cover supervision, agenda/workbooks, photocopies and an activity fee. They are due in August.

 Field Trips

The appropriate authority (Principal, Governing Board, and School Board) must approve all trips, as they are extensions of school curriculum.

School regulations apply during all trips off school property.

Parents must sign permission slips before a student is permitted to leave.

Fees will be charged, if necessary.

Report Cards

Student report cards will be issued three (3) times a year at the end of each term.

The Elementary report cards will be available in November, March, and June.

Library Services

The school library provides a quiet place for students to enjoy reading for leisure or research.

Quebec Breakfast Club (Club des petits dejeûners)

We offer a healthy breakfast for the all students who did not have an opportunity to eat in the morning. Registration/payment for breakfast will take place in early September.

The Breakfast Club is opened from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. every day.

Student Services

Nurse: The school nurse is at school two (2) days per week.  She provides health programs to the school and is available to provide information to parents and students.

Educational Technician: The educational technician works collaboratively with teachers and students to bring improvement in behaviour and/or attitude.

Crosswalk Guard: The crosswalk guard supervises crossing of 7th Street and 1st Avenue before school, during lunch hour, and after school.

Loitering After School

In the absence of supervision or a planned activity after school, students are not allowed to remain in the school or on school property after school.

Electronic Devices:

Use of electronic devices is not permitted at school between 8 AM and 4 PM.