Behaviour Policy

Discipline Committee

The school discipline committee is made up of teachers, support staff and the administration.  Its mandate is to support the School Code of Conduct and assist in the management of said code.  The committee will meet with students and their parents who have been referred to the committee by the administration.

Behaviour  Consequences
Study Policy: students must complete assignments.

If assignments are not completed:

Teachers may require students to complete assignments at lunchtime.

Repeat offenders: call to parents or a note or letter is sent to parents to be signed to acknowledge the situation.

Discipline issues, including lateness Refer to the information on the “Memo System”
Possession/use of cell phone or other electronic device Confiscation of device – parents must retrieve it from the principal.

1 day suspension for refusal to comply.

Other sanctions will be used for repeat offenders.

The forging of notes. 1 day suspension
Maliciously setting off a fire alarm and/or behaving inappropriately during fire drill procedures 1 day suspension
Smoking on school property Warning, then suspension on a progressive basis; 2nd offense -1 day,  3rd offense -2 days; 4th offense 4 days, etc.
Loitering on school property after school Same as for smoking on school property
Refusing or failing to report for a detention 1 day minimum suspension
Bullying, including persistent intimidation, harassment, verbal threats and extortion 1 day minimum suspension
Racial, sexual and/or religious comments designed to insult others 1 day minimum suspension
Use of inappropriate, threatening language and/or abusive or rude gestures directed toward school personnel and/or students 1 day minimum suspension
Fighting or any violent behaviour, which threatens another individual either physically or sexually.  Play fighting is not tolerated because of the ease with which it can escalate to violence.  The school has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE TO VIOLENCE code. 1 to 3 days suspension
Theft 1 day minimum suspension

Willful damage, destruction or vandalism of school property

Loss of school property

1 day minimum suspension

In addition the student will be responsible for the cost of cleaning, repairing or replacing the vandalized property.

A fee will be charged.

Possession of any weapon or replicas intended for the purpose of causing injury or death, or used to threaten or intimidate

All such items will be considered as offensive weapons.

3 days minimum suspension
Possession and/or use of drugs or alcohol on school board property or during organized school activities 5 days minimum suspension; loss of participation in student activities

Please, take note:

  • Suspensions are from a minimum of one (1) day to a maximum of ten (10) days, according to school and board policy.
  • Suspended students are not permitted in school or on school grounds during the course of their suspension. During that time they may not attend any extra-curricular activity or field trip.
  • Any infraction of the Criminal Code will be reported to the Police.
  • At the principal’s discretion, a student may be given an in-school suspension.